White Background // Telect Product

Most of my current days are spent photographing product and people for Telect, in Liberty Lake, Washington. They are a network infrastructure manufacturing company, based in the Inland Northwest, and their marketing team does a killer job in the realm of strategic, targeted marketing. [www.telect.com] 

Every photograph, whether product or person, is intended to be used in digital and printed designs, and every product and person receives a great attention to detail in the studio, as well as on the computer, in post production. Everything requires a fine-tuned cut-out job. Often times, the products will need to be "Photoshopped" into an environment that is very difficult to actually photograph the product in naturally. 

This is where I come in. My job is to work with the graphic and web designers (like my beautiful wife, for instance, check out her work here: www.shaylamcghee.com) to figure out how we want the product or person to look and fit in their design, and make that happen with studio strobes and detailed "pixel peeping" in Photoshop. 

Here is a little glimpse at my regular workflow in cutting out and fine-tuning a product photo, and preparing it to go into a number if different catalogue and web advertisements; along with a collection of designed materials that include my photography. 

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