Editorial Family Photos


I don't always do family photos... but when I do... I go all out editorial studio. All my portraiture is inspired by Victoria Will and Clay Cook and Robby Klein and Cameron Powell. Moody, editorial, studio, simple light setup photographs drive my creativity in the cinematography world. When I shoot portraiture, I add the look of a Fuji 400 film that's been push processed about a stop. This gives each photograph an emotive quality... skin tones are soft and pink, mid-tones roll smoothly into the shadows, shadows are just a tad faded up into a darker grey, and my favorite part: the subtle grain that emotionally takes you away from the digital production. 

My Grandma Diane was the family photographer. I remember traveling with her to Wenatchee, WA to photograph a cousin's senior portraits... she was never paid for her images; she was the family's photographer. Almost like... it was her duty to cultivate images of her people. So I am Uncle Sam, our family's photographer. 

Please enjoy these images of my little niece, Georgia Belle, celebrating her 1st birthday. 

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