Mountain Cabin Wedding



Rick and Elizabeth held their quant nuptials at her parent's gorgeous family cabin, up in the North Idaho mountains. The films I chose for these photographs were inspired by the beautiful, timeless... almost 70s vibe of this secluded setting. I'm using Fuji 400h for all the color images, which is a modern film, commonly used for weddings because of its washed out greens and easily faded highlights. I mixed these with two different black and white films; Ilford Pan F Plus 50; which has a vast dynamic range, super dark blacks and ultra white whites... and the negative side of the Fuji FP-3000b; which is super washed out and super faded and super grainy... I can't help myself... I love the mysterious look of an ultra grainy black and white image that's been push processed way too far. 

Enjoy this photo story.