FS7 + Fireworks



a. Fireworks out of focus are super epic.
b. The Sony PXW-FS7 handles low light pretty alright. No noise reduction at all. I also love the dynamic range here... theres still a bit of info in the blacks (not much in the final grade) and it was able to retain most of the highlight info inside the explosions in the sky. 
ISO 2000 / f1.4 (and a speed booster) /  1/180 Shutter at most. (for 180fps)
c. 180fps on the FS7 is buttery and mixes well with 4k 60fps. There's definitely a noticeable loss in image quality when you drop out of 4k... not just resolution... I need to be careful about how far I push my grade on the 1080 slow motion shots.  
d. The lumetri scope almost looks cooler than the fireworks!