25 Years at Cape Disappointment

At the mouth of the Columbia River, every year, during the month of August, avid fishermen and kite lovers from all over the world gather to fish the famous Buoy 10 for Co-Ho and Chinook Salmon, and the storm appropriately named "Longbeach" with the largest kite display in the world. My grandparents began the annual trek across the cascades 25 years ago, for the fishing, and have since fallen in love with the drab fishing town, and all the festivities. At the age of 9, I joined them on their 2 week trip, and gained my own life-long attachment to the adventurous place. 

Aside from the gorgeous sunsets, ancient light houses, and unusually vast selection of ice creams, one of our favorite parts of this endeavor is exploring the remains of the WWII barracks left behind from our nation's preparation to protect the Washington coastline from any possible invasion from Japan. The large decaying rusty doors, giant turret holes, and the creepy concrete tunnels make for one of the most amazing and inspirational hikes. I could live here for the rest of my life, and never run out of new things to photograph. 

Sam McGhee1 Comment