Eleven One // Live Painting

William Butler is a nationally renowned artist, who travels across the world, creating beautiful, inspirational, commissioned, live, and studio paintings. 

My wife and I had the opportunity to meet him and photograph a live art experience. He created two unique pieces, tailored to the message and theme of the corporate leadership retreat we were attending in Naples Florida. His paintings constantly transform, as William creates distinct layers on the canvas, covering up what was just painted, telling many small stories, all culminating in the final big picture. The finished art pieces were awe inspiring, and raised upwards of $17,000 for the organization. 

The truly special part in all of this, is the story behind the artist. William and his wife Ronja live with their two sons in Camden NJ, and are literally the sweetest people I have ever met. Their passion is creating inspired art and working with others to bring hope and restoration to Camden. God has blessed them with patience and grace beyond all belief. 

Sam McGheeComment