Fish The Mo


Fly Fishing is where I got my start in photography, which is why it is so therapeutic for me as an adult.

Sometimes I snap the shutter so many times I never notice the image I wanted; Peter and Jared, our fishing guides, are jolly, bearded Montanans, and I constantly tried to capture their enthusiasm, which... I did... but in between those shots, I captured more subtly emotive portraits. These images remind me that every bit of photography, even when it's just casual, is about art. I'm inspired by a documentary about @platon on @abstractdesign; He says that portraiture is not about the photograph; it's about getting to know the people...

So here's a short film and a curated gallery of imagery telling the story of our adventure nymph fishing for brown and rainbow trout on the Missouri River in Montana, and the people we got to know along the way.