Ireland // Part 1

When we found out we were pregnant with Harrison, Shayla and I bought two tickets to Ireland and Iceland. We joke that it was our "we have to go now" trip. We photographed everything. We saw so much beautiful landscape, and met so many wonderful people, and talked so very much with each other.

There's a fine art photographer, Henry Wessel, who photographs the streets of New York, and practices this crazy workflow where he stores his film for a year before he ever looks at the images. He says this relieves him of the emotional attachment, and allows him to look at the images critically. Ultimately, this is the practice I’ve made with these Ireland and Iceland images. I’ve stored the photographs for well over a year and eagerly awaited the day that I’d be able to crack open the file. 

These photographs are for my wife. Shayla Lyn. I’ve curated a book of art from our travels to those two beautiful places, in order to remind her of who we are; who she is; beyond being a mom. 

Enjoy these images of Ireland, and be sure to check out part 2: Iceland.