Sydney & Mitch // Maternity

Very soon, I will truly be “Uncle Sam"

That aside, or not, I am very pleased to showcase these photos of a beautiful pregnant couple, who just happen to be my in-laws. 

As astonishing as it was to me, dipping my toe into the waters of maternity photography was very smooth and special. Mitch and Sydney, my brother-in-law and his wonderful wife asked me to take a shot at telling their story with my camera, and the experience doing so was one of the most special moments of my photography career. 

Carrying a new life is such a crazy concept to me, and I was able to tangibly see and feel those mind boggling questions come to fruition. While my wife and I are nowhere near ready for children, this has given me a deeper appreciation for life itself. 

Email me if you’re interested in baby belly photos like these.

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