Why I Need A Photography Studio

I'm getting settled into my very own studio space in Liberty Lake, Washington.

For 3 years my home has been my studio, office and gear storage. My wife also needs an office, and we have a growing family with a baby boy and two dogs... I needed to move out... My business that is. I found an unfinished, square room for lease down the street from most of the businesses for whom I create photo and video content. 

This is my creative space. It is being and will be used for shooting commercial videos, editing those videos, photographing editorial portraits, business head-shots, and product. It is always set up and ready to work. I've got space to move backdrops and lights around, there's space to store all the strobe kits, HMI lights, softboxes, and C-stands... So many bits of gear that were taking over our home living room and garage, I can now keep them organized, ready to create beautiful content. 

I also needed a space to meet with clients. Coffee shops are great and easy, but they often have their challenges; tons of people around, finding seating, clients finding the shop, finding the right shop that mixes my style with ease of access for the client, or even looking too casual for certain clients that are looking for a higher caliber photographer or film maker. Inviting clients to meet at "my studio" says a thousand words to the kind of caliber work I'm prepared to produce for them. While it is a huge commitment for me, it is also a huge selling point for the bigger and bigger clients I'm trying to sell myself to. 

So I guess the title of this post should be posed as a question... "Do you need a photography studio?" How big do you want to grow as a photographer and/or filmmaker? Who are you selling yourself to? Would a studio increase your productivity? If you're struggling to decide on your next steps as a creative, a freelance, a photographer, a filmmaker, grab some coffee and meet me at my studio, let's chat. I'll photograph a portrait of you while we are at it! 

Here are some photographs from a recent editorial style headshot session in my new studio, with Sydney Baye Williams, a local lifestyle photographer. (also... coincidentally... my sister-in-law!) 

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