Art, music, fashion, family, community, coffee, design, stories. Life is something I love to show off. I love to tell people's stories and share people's lives. As my Clifton StrengthsFinder results show quite prominently; I am a connected individual that is constantly mapping out the emotional and physical connections between people around me, while seeking to build up those strengths that I find in those people. My wife and I are deeply engrained in our city, church, businesses... the whole community of the Inland Northwest.

I've spent the last year working big-time Instagramers and Tumblrs as well as local and national manufacturing companies, general construction and contracting companies, coffee shops, restaurants, and churches to show off their stories through photography and cinematography. My wife and I love to show off the work of the other artists around us, and I want to connect and tell the stories of the artists and creatives of my own communities and the creative world at large. I am looking to join a "multidisciplinary lab" engaged in building beautiful experiences for the VSCO ecosystem.I love to work with and build extraordinary teams, and I live to create original documentaries and visual art pieces. There are a set of moral values that I base my entire life upon, and this tends to show through in my art work. I would be more than willing to fly to Colorado to speak in person, and go through a portfolio. 

This position as Curator is directly in line with the creative nature of my life. VSCO Film and VSCO Cam are an every essential in my current work, and I would love nothing more than to be a part of the creative genius that is Visual Supply Company. Sharing people's stories and their art has been a passion of mine since middle-school. My original art medium of choice has always been black and white film photography, and this shows through in the detailed craft of my digital artwork today. Whether motion picture, or still image, I love to communicate through visual stories, as well as through lengthy, enthusiastic spoken word tales. One of my biggest pitfalls is the lack of an ability to turn off my desire to create; I have a hard time putting the camera down, and enjoying the moment, and that has been a personal challenge for myself over the last year.

Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to take a look at my own VSCO Grid: www.sammcghee.vsco.co
Sam McGhee


First, I am a husband, father, brother, and son. I am a story teller that uses glass and digital sensors to capture natural light and emotion. I am passionate about creating tangible, timeless art, and giving people something they will cherish for decades. I film and photograph lifestyles; from the nostalgic, faded film wedding in Reykjavik, Iceland; to the dimly lit, wood-fire oven pizza restaurant in Spokane, Washington.

At the age of 18, I decided to take my photography seriously; investing in a digital arts degree from a local university, interning for prestigious wedding photographers in the Pacific Northwest, and counseling with local business strategists and CEOs. Along with these mentorships, I began to use my "lifestyle" photography and film making to create images and advertisements for weddings, industrial manufacturing companies, commercial construction companies, custom furniture designers, restaurants and realtors all over the nation. 



Freelance Commercial Photographer, Self Employed, Spokane WA 2010 — Present

Commercial advertising, music album artwork, weddings, senior and family portraits have been my specialty, and I have produced professional artwork for clients in the Great Pacific Northwest for 5 years now, with a generous corporate clientele list. (www.sammcghee.com)


Director of Photography, Telect inc., Liberty Lake, WA — July 2012 - Present

I film and photograph products, people, and short, artistic cinematic videos and photos for large-scale advertising, and instructional purposes; as well as produce graphic art designs, and aid in special project development. (www.telect.com)


Creative Director, Forward Youth Church, Spokane WA — 2009 - 2013

Being one of the largest youth ministries in Spokane, Forward currently stands as the most professional church service in the Spokane Area. As a member of the executive team, I lead the Visual and Musical arts in the services and social media for 4 years.




AAS of Photography -- Spokane Falls Community College, 2010 - 2013

- Video Production
- DSLR Video Production
- Short Form Documentary
- Advanced Film Photography
- Advanced Digital Photography Courses
- Advanced Post Production Courses
- Studio Photography Courses
- Business Management

Creative Live Courses -- Online

- Video Production
- DSLR Video Production
- Gorilla Film Making
- Live Event Photography
- Lifestyle Photography
- Post Production
- Studio Photography
- Business Management



Serving people with the highest standards, people photography, macro photography, landscape photography, photo journalism, video production, documentary video production, video editing / post production, special effects / small scale animation, graphic design, music production and lengthy story telling are the beginning of my abilities that I bring to the table. I am proficient in Adobe’s full suite of products (CS4, 5, 6, and CC) specifically After Effects and Premier Pro, as well as Final Cut Pro X.



Wayne Williams  /  CEO, Telect inc.  /  Liberty Lake, WA  /  wayne.williams@telect.com  /  1.509.926.6000

Kris Faulkner  /  Advertising Producer  /  Spokane, WA  /  edisonf@earthlink.net  /  1.509.230.5816 

Justin Farris  /  Product Manager, ZIllow  /  Seattle, WA  /  farris.justin@gmail.com  /  1.509.869.8138

Mitch Williams  /  CEO, Weckey  /  Liberty Lake, WA  /  mitch@weckey.com  /  1.509.768.6882

Holly Haneke  /  Executive Director, Graceson Housing Foundation  /  Spokane, WA  /  hhaneke@gracesonehousing@gmail.com  /  1.509.939.5370